Juvenile and Family

Ending your relationship? Worrying about your child’s future? Our experienced lawyers can handle complicated family disputes with utmost understanding of every individual’s emotional condition. We provide service such as

  • Child Legitimate
  • Prenuptial Agreement, Divorce Agreement
  • Divorce, Divine Marital assets
  • Child and juvenile criminal case

Labour and Employment

Our experienced lawyers will help you on the matters of employment and dispute resolution between employer and employee such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing of employment contracts and employee handbooks / policies / regulations
  • Advising on Thailand Employment and Labour Laws
  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on severance agreements / clauses
  • Advising on employment termination and retrenchment exercises

Civil and Criminal

At J.A.N. Inter Law, our lawyers draw upon their extensive experience, trusted judgment and insights, to always develop a customized strategy with your specific individual or business objectives at top of mind. Together, we tackle challenges efficiently and effectively so that you can move ahead.

Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers employ the most appropriate tools and strategies for each stage of the process and each unique situation. Whether through timely use of innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques or skillful and persuasive advocacy in the courtroom, you can count on our Lawyers to maximize your prospects for a successful outcome. We also work with you to assess and manage your risks in relation to the legal costs of the dispute and seek to minimize the likelihood of future litigation.

Whether your dispute has strategic, reputational or financial importance and whatever the subject matter, your success is our priority.

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