Due Diligence

If you feel uncertain to invest on a property, or take over a business, our Due Diligence Service will provide you the necessary legal information for your thorough evaluation or risk management. This procedure is essential to help and guide you in this crucial decision-making process.

Notarial Services Attorney (aka. Notary Public)

Our lawyers are accredited Notarial Service Attorneys by the Lawyers Council of Thailand to provide services such as:

  • Certification of copies of official documents
  • Verification and certification of the authenticity of signatures
  • Certification of ID, e.g., verifying the personal ID and documents of a person

Last Will and Testament

Some people are not open to discuss about this delicate topic, but let’s face it; this is essential to protect your assets in Thailand and to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of when you are gone. Passing away without a Last Will and Testament can cause major disputes, which may be costly to resolve in the future. Drafting a Last Will and Testament is recommended to eliminate such complications.

Assets Administration

Feeling lost and don’t how to start managing the assets from a loved one who passed away in Thailand? Let our experienced Lawyers take care of this complicated case for safer and easier transition from the beginning until everything is in the hands of the legal heirs.

Corporate and Real Estate

We expertly give advice on any business and real estate matters. We also offer the services of drafting contracts, company’s regulation, company structure, design for complying with issuing work permit and other legal documents.

Visa and Work Permit

We can advise and handle all immigration and employment requirements under the Thai law from acquiring a work permit to obtaining the correct visa for foreigners intending to work in Thailand. We can also help the foreign employees to obtain the proper visa for their family members.

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